Join our Thunderclap to build a justice system fit for children.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Order in Court campaign by writing to your MP – over 3600 people have now sent letters to their MPs. This has been vital in making MPs aware of the changes required to make the justice system fit for children.

But we can do more.

On 8 August we will be launchNSPCC Order in Courting an e-petition to demonstrate to the Government the overwhelming public demand to protect young victims and witnesses in the justice system.

To make sure as many people as possible sign our petition we will be using Thunderclap where you can ‘donate’ a Tweet or Facebook status. This will then be shared on 8 August at 8am with your friends or followers automatically.

Help us reach our target of 250 sign ups by:

  • joining our Thunderclap
  • spreading the word to your friends, family and contacts
  • raise awareness of our Thunderclap by sharing our suggested post on Twitter:

Please join our #Thunderclap for the #OrderInCourt campaign to build a justice system fit for children

How does Thunderclap work?

  1. By signing up you are allowing Thunderclap to send a pre-written Tweet or Facebook post from your profile.
  2. Thunderclap will automatically share this message via your Twitter or Facebook profile on 8 August at 8am along with everyone else who has signed up.