Changes for young people within the justice system are crucial

Since the campaign launched on Monday 9 June, we have been delighted to receive such a positive response from members of the public.  Your support is absolutely crucial in achieving these changes to the justice system.  Below are two quotes from children who have been through the justice system, that show why these changes are so important:

“I am feeling so nervous about giving evidence in court. They are making me explain exactly what happened but I’m not sure I can cope with things like that just yet. Sometimes I wish I had never said anything. It was horrible before but if I knew all this was going to happen then maybe I wouldn’t have said anything.” (ChildLine, Female, Unknown age)

NSPCC Order in Court campaign“For a child or young person to give evidence in court it is so difficult and I don’t think I understood before I did it how bad and hard it would be.  I just feel a lot needs to change to provide victims with the right support throughout it all.” (ChildLine, Female, Unknown age)

Please take action now by writing to your MP at and signing up to our thunderclap. Thank you for your support.