What is a Registered Intermediary and Why are they so important?

The NSPCC’s Order in Court campaign is calling for all young witnesses to have access to a Registered Intermediary. But what is a Registered Intermediary and why is their role so important?

Registered Intermediaries are specialist communication experts who help ensure young and vulnerable victims and witnesses can understand the questions being asked of them in court and that they can give their best evidence.

NSPCC Order in Court campaignOften children can be confused by complex questioning, meaning they fail to give accurate evidence or become distressed. Registered Intermediaries work with judges, barristers and the police to assess the communication abilities of the child and make recommendations about how best to question the child during the recording of their initial evidence and when giving their evidence at trial.

Registered Intermediaries are present when the child gives evidence and can provide young victims and witnesses with the communication support they need to give their evidence and achieve justice, protecting them from being traumatised by inappropriate questioning.