Support our e-petition to Government so No Child has to Face their Abuser at Court

NSPCC Order in CourtThank you to everyone who has already supported the NSPCC’s Order in Court campaign to improve the treatment of young victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system.

We are really grateful for your support so far, but we need you to help us keep up the pressure on Government to show them just how important this is.

Please support our e-petition, calling on the Government to ensure there is at least one remote site in each region so that more children can give evidence away from court.

Why are remote sites so important?

Court buildings are not appropriate places for children. Court buildings are places where very anxious, angry and upset adults deal with stressful, upsetting issues. The intimidating, adult environment can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to give their best evidence. In many cases children have to face the prospect of seeing the defendant and their supporters.20141050_Young_Witness_Campaign_600x600_10_AW

A remote link is a video link to the courtroom from a location away from the court building. This enables young witnesses to give their evidence without physically having to enter a court building, reducing the stress to a child and removing the fear of seeing the defendent. Children who feel safe, calm and secure are also better able to give their best evidence.

Twenty-five years after a landmark report to government by Judge Pigot recommended no young witness should have to give their evidence in the courtroom ‘unless he or she wishes to do so’ 99 per cent* still have to go to a court building.

How can you help?

Please support our e-petition, calling on the Government to ensure there is at least one remote site in each region so that more children can give evidence away from court.

We are aiming to get 21,000 signatures on the e-petition – one for every child that gives evidence in court each year. Help us reach our target by signing the petition, sharing it with friends and shouting about it on social media.

*Based on responses to an NSPCC Freedom of Information request to all police forces in England and Wales March 2014



NSPCC Order in Court – key stats

Did you know that over half of child witnesses in the justice system experience symptoms of stress, such as sleep and eating problems, panic attacks and self-harm? Some are even suicidal.

If you would like to find out more, please visit this section for further keys stats.